Enhanced stream delivery

GigA+ ('giga-plus') delivers video streams from content-providers to clients (STBs, smart TVs, video players, etc.). GigA+ can deliver video as linear streams - via HTTP, or as segments - via HLS. GigA+ is built on top of the rock-solid Gigapxy code base. It adds HLS, DVR support and load balancing across servers, with more advanced features to come. GigA+ is currently a beta, so testers' input is crucial and features could still be added on demand.


  • HLS and HTTP delivery - linear and segmented streams;
  • Heritage: HTTP-delivery features of Gigapxy 1.x;
  • DVR for HLS - play live streams from N hours back;
  • Replicate HLS segments to multiple servers;
  • Load-balance requests for segments across a pool of servers;
  • Trans-code segments (simple tasks) on the fly;
  • Nginx can be used for segment-file delivery;
  • 24/7: emphasis on round-the-clock availability of channels;
  • Hardware-fair: run on moderate resources, don't spend a fortune on hardware;

Supported OS/distros:

FreeBSD: 10-11, Linux: CentOS 6-7, Debian 8-9, Ubuntu 14.04-16.04 LTS.

Hardware requirements:

Any x86-64 hardware running Linux or FreeBSD. Minimum 4 Gb of RAM. Conact us if need to run on ARM or other architectures.


GigA+ is commercial software. To get a license for a particular server, install GigA+ package and run gigaplus key to generate a host key. Please note, that by installing the package you agree to Gigapxy EULA. Then email a license request with a brief into (company name, region) to the team. After receiving your license (in a tarball), copy the .lic file to /etc (Linux) or /usr/local/etc (FreeBSD). Refer to the Setup Manual for further instructions. Enjoy!


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