IPTV stream delivery

Gigapxy ('giga-pixie') is a data stream relay and proxy: it delivers source data to the requesting clients (subscribers). Either of the endpoints could be a multicast/unicast network connection. Gigapxy is designed to serve a large number of clients and includes a variety of enterprise-oriented features.

Gigapxy has been serving IPTV enterprises across Europe since 2012. It can stream to 1.5K+ clients at 9.66 Gbps with 14% CPU idle from a single appropriately configured server. CPU could decrease by as much as 2.5 times (compared to udpxy).


  • Scalability: spread engine processes across cores, control which cores are used;
  • Resilience: one engine/process falls, others still go on - contain the damage;
  • 1xN streaming: one input stream, many output connections - saves CPU cycles;
  • Daisy-chains: allow requests to link together multiple gigapxy instances;
  • Fast channel switching: streams are cached, switching is fast;
  • Access log captures application events: client/channel open/close;
  • Separate listeners: administrative stay apart from user requests;
  • RTP stripping: detect and automatically strip RTP headers;
  • Bad-channel redirection: redirect client via HTTP 302 if cannot subscribe;
  • Online reports: (HTML or XML) with traffic statistics;
  • Authentication via user-written (in any language) plug-ins;
  • Negative cache: unauthorized queries are cached for faster processing;
  • Aliased channels: name your channels, subscribe by name.
  • SSM (source-specific multicast): take advantage of IGMPv3, filter data by source.

Supported OS/distros:

FreeBSD: 10-11, Linux: CentOS 6-7, Debian 7-8-9, Ubuntu 12.04-14.04-16.04-18.04 LTS.

Hardware requirements:

Any x86-64 hardware running a supported Linux distro or FreeBSD. Minimum: 4 Gb of RAM. Intel Xeon (or equivalent) CPU.


Gigapxy is commercial software. In order to get a trial license, please install a Gigapxy package and generate a system key by running gng -K on your server (please note, that by installing the package you agree to Gigapxy EULA). Then email a license request with a brief into (company name, region) to the team. After receiving your license (in a tarball), copy the .lic file to /etc (Linux) or /usr/local/etc (FreeBSD). For detailed instructions on basic setup please refer to Basic setup guide. Enjoy!


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