NetworkGigapxy ('giga-pixie') is a data stream relay and proxy: it tunnels source data to the requesting clients (or subscribers), where either of the endpoints could be a multicast/unicast network connection. Gigapxy is a successor of udpxy, written by its author. Gigapxy is designed to serve a large number of clients. Gigapxy includes a variety of enterprise-oriented features: multiple listener ports, aliased channels and client authorization and many others.

Gigapxy has been around since 2012, serving IPTV enterprises across Europe. Gigapxy 1.x can stream to 1.5K+ clients at 9.66 Gbps with 14% CPU idle from a single appropriately configured server. CPU load can decrease by as much as 2.5 times compared to udpxy.

Hardware and Tech support

Gigapxy runs on any x86-64 hardware that hosts Linux 3.x+ (one of the supported distros) or FreeBSD 10+. At least 8 Gb of RAM is recommended, with an Intel Xeon (or equivalent) server CPU.

Tech support by email and Skype is included with every commercial license. Our support easily beats any corporate response or issue-resolution time.

Licenses and pricing

Gigapxy is a commercial product, demo licenses are free (but do not last long). Long-term and perpetual licenses are priced as per GPL.